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Jopie's Rhapsody

A Composition of Me

13 September 1989
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  • jopiety@livejournal.com
  • setsu.shinmai@gmail.com
My name is Jopie, born in Heisei 1, from Indonesia.

I’m just an (un)ordinary girl who loves to sleep, read, listen to music, dance, cook and eat (and drink), write (anything in my head). I want to Live this Life!

Name: 薛 信妹
Sie Sinmei ♥ Setsu Shinmai (Shina) ♥ Seol Sinmae
(ps: It's from my ancestry, I do not use this name officially in my birth certificate)

Pen name:
Hiiragizawa Yui ♥ 柊沢 由依
Park Eunhee ♥ 박은희

♥ KAT-TUN ♥ Hey! Say! JUMP ♥ EXILE ♥

♥ Shinhwa ♥ Sechskies ♥ Super Junior ♥ JYJ ♥

♥ Ueda Tatsuya ♥ Takaki Yuya ♥ Yaotome Hikaru ♥ Takahiro ♥ Akira ♥

♥ Shin Hyesung ♥ Eun Jiwon ♥ Lee Teuk ♥ Kim Heechul ♥ Park Yoochun ♥

♥ Kim Junghoon ♥ Gackt ♥

My oath in my fangirling life:
I'll never change my userpics and banner photo in my LJ with any artist other than Ueda Tatsuya (for banner even if it's collage, Uepi will definitely be there). I'm even have no intention to change my userpics. That is the first edited photo of me at Uepi that I really like. I'm putting a wedding ring there with an obvious purpose.
The day when I change this pic with other artist will be the day that Uepi is no longer my 1ban in fangirling world.
But I think it will never happen ^^!

==>> I've broken my oath already with Shin Hyesung of Shinhwa and Eun Jiwon of Sechskies...
I still keep Uepi in userpics and banner though...
But my heart is beating for Hyesung and Jiwon also (ノ_<。)